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Kapten Kit

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A new drama for TV3’s action slot ‘Kapten Kit’ has been aired yesterday as a substitute for action pack series of Bio-Nik. The action series will be aired every Monday at 9.00 pm. The 13 episodes drama is directed by Aziz M Osman with Along Hafiz and starring Azry Azizan, Puteri Fateen Nasuha, Munir and Kish. The genre is differs for any action pack drama as the main focus is about recycling.


The story is about Kassim Selamat who has interest and talents as an inventor. His main idol is of course, Thomas Edison. Even with his talent, he did not further his study in engineering course due to financial problems. Love to invent gadget from recycled things, he work at the recycling center that provide him with a vast source of recycle material.

Other than inventing element, the story also includes a love story between Kassim and Sofea and comedy.



Kassim Selamat

Asry Azizan star as Kassim Selamat in the drama. Kassim is a simple and talented young man. Has talents in inventing and engineering field, but does not further his study due to financial problem. He loves to invent gadget from materials that can be recycled. And simply enough, works at the recycling center so he can have a vast material of recycle material. He has the capability to create invention powerful enough for him to become a hero.


Sofea is a manager of the recycling center that Kassim works. A simple and nature loving girl and can be considered weird. She despises any modern technology like cars and handphone due to the fact that the technology also brings harm to the environment. She always surprised by Kassim’s inventions.


Episode 1 :

Kassim is a simple boy who works at the recycling center. Everyone at the center knew about Kassim capability and interest to invent gadget out of the recycling materials. Sofea, the manager of the center usually surprise with Kassim’s invention. Unknown to everyone, Kassim actually has its own secret lair and have an intelligent program as his assistant. He finally succeeds to invent electrochemical gloves that able to him to have enormous power, (Powerful enough to lift a sofa with just one hand). At the same time, a ‘green monster’ has terrorized the city even though the authority doesn’t have proved whether it is a fact or just rumor. The team led by Doctor Tini is sent to catch the green monster. Gadget create by Kassim in this episodes are kinetic bulb, alarm communicator and solar three-wheeled bicycle. Super gadget create in this episodes is electrochemical glove

Episode 2 :
Kassim is badly injured after trying to save Dr Tini from the ‘Green Monster’ attacked. Dr Tini, try her best to save her savior. She succeeds but she gains something more, the virus from the green monster has changed Kassim DNA even though the effect is still unknown. At the same time, Dato Johari, father to Dr Tini is very upset when he found out one of the company toxic waste material drum got lost. Nasharudin, his CEO has offers to solve the problem. Meanwhile, Sofea has been kidnapped by the two anonymous who wanted to know the location of her boyfriend. Accidentally, Sofea knew that Bakri is their boss co-worker who wanted to establish a nuclear reactor in Malaysia. The two kidnappers don’t have any choice but to eliminate Sofea. Kassim who has free from Dr Tini laboratory arrive just in time to save Sofea after she had been pushed into the lake. Unknown to other, the lake takes another victim from the lost toxic waste.

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Radin87 berkata...

Jalan cerita dia ok. Ada elemen sains, cinta dengan komedi. Terutamanya dengan elemen kitar semula, boleh menjadikan seseorang lebih kreatif.

Cuma, tak macam bio-nik, cerita ni lebih kepada siri pendidikan untuk kanak-kanak. Jadi, bosan sikitlah.. :S

Radin87 berkata...

The story is relatively best. Has the element of science, love and comedy. Especially can makes someone more creative with the recycled issue.

Only, unlike bio-nik, the series is more to education series for kids. Fairly boring... :S


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