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New drama for TV3 samarinda slot has been aired since last week. The Samarinda slot focused for nobility, aristocratic and corporate themed drama. “Suraya” takes the slot after the end of “Legasi 43 Karat” (in English = 43 carats legacy). It is starred by Zizie Ezette, Fizo Omar, Remy Ishak and Zain Saidin. The drama directed by Murali Abdullah.


Suraya or her real name Tengku Suraya is the only daughter to Tengku Salahuddin and Mei Lee. She is orphaned after her parent dies in a Helicopter crashes. Legally a part with the royal family but relinquished the title because she chooses to be with her foster parent. They reside in the House of Tengku Salahuddin. After Suraya further her study abroad, her foster parents been ousted from the resident by her grandmother, Tengku Kartini. Nevertheless, Suraya knew nothing of this.

After she finishes her study and returns, she eventually knew what has happen with her foster parent. Fueled with her anger and hatred, she sworn wants to take revenge to her relatives. She also wants to search the killer of her parent, as she suspects that her parent is killed by sabotage. Her target would be her father’s best friend, Rashid and her grandmother, Tengku Kartini.

Suraya wants to take her place back at Laksamana Holding (belong to her late father), thus used Azman company as her foundation, her foster brother. With Azman’s company poor performance, she eventually seeks help from Megat, a man that she knew on airplanes. Azman jealousy led him to search the background of Megat and found an interesting fact. With the help of Azman, Suraya find out that Megat were actually the owner of Laksamana Holding, and son of Tengku Latifah and grandson of Tengku Kartini, her own first-cousin.

Suraya basically is a story of royalty, corporate, hatred, and vengeance. How will it unfold? Can Suraya take her place back at Laksamana Holding? Will she has the guts to take revenge on her own family?




Zizie Ezette star as Suraya in the drama. Suraya is the only daughter of Tengku Salahuddin and Mei Lee, a Hong Kong artist. She is beautiful, proud and smart women. But, her anger and hatred has led to an eternal vengeance with her family. All she wants is to bring back her family dignity by any means necessary

Megat Kamil


Fizo Omar plays the role as Megat. Megat is the son of Tengku Latifah. Trap in the world of royalty, he is forced by his mother to engaged with her cousin, Tengku Amanina. He angered with his mother decision, knowing that his mother was also married with a commoner thus the reason of his name, Megat. Megat is a title hold for a son of a royal mother and commoner father. Nevertheless, he has the persona as the royal family and a charismatic and capable young man. Owner of Laksamana Holding.



Remy Ishak plays the role as Azman. Azman is the foster brother of Suraya, and at the same time, falls in love with her. Like Suraya, he was also angered with Tengku Kartini. His parent was ousted from Tengku Salahuddin residence just only because of their status as a commoner. He founded his own company but he usually used the company’s money for his own personal gain, thus, a reason for his company financial problems. A playboy.

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