Isnin, 30 November 2009

My Starz LG : Second Elimination Round


My Starz LG second elimination concert has been held yesterday night. The female group has performed. The panel of jury for the night is Azmeer as the permanent jury and Mas Idayu as the invited jury for the night. Contestant with the least vote will be eliminated. Black, the protégé to Mas Idayu is the invited artist for the night.

After the performances, both Azmeer and Mas Idayu favor with Tom performance. Personally, I am in favor with Sha performance.

Hmm, looking at the contestants performances, I really did not understand why "Kak Very Der" wanted to point out the ‘back-stabber’ topic.

Sha and Lyda are the two contestants with the most votes. Azmeer as the permanent jury announced the elimination. With the least vote, the concert performance is the last concert for Chind.


Selasa, 24 November 2009

Kapten Kit

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A new drama for TV3’s action slot ‘Kapten Kit’ has been aired yesterday as a substitute for action pack series of Bio-Nik. The action series will be aired every Monday at 9.00 pm. The 13 episodes drama is directed by Aziz M Osman with Along Hafiz and starring Azry Azizan, Puteri Fateen Nasuha, Munir and Kish. The genre is differs for any action pack drama as the main focus is about recycling.


The story is about Kassim Selamat who has interest and talents as an inventor. His main idol is of course, Thomas Edison. Even with his talent, he did not further his study in engineering course due to financial problems. Love to invent gadget from recycled things, he work at the recycling center that provide him with a vast source of recycle material.

Other than inventing element, the story also includes a love story between Kassim and Sofea and comedy.



Kassim Selamat

Asry Azizan star as Kassim Selamat in the drama. Kassim is a simple and talented young man. Has talents in inventing and engineering field, but does not further his study due to financial problem. He loves to invent gadget from materials that can be recycled. And simply enough, works at the recycling center so he can have a vast material of recycle material. He has the capability to create invention powerful enough for him to become a hero.


Sofea is a manager of the recycling center that Kassim works. A simple and nature loving girl and can be considered weird. She despises any modern technology like cars and handphone due to the fact that the technology also brings harm to the environment. She always surprised by Kassim’s inventions.


Episode 1 :

Kassim is a simple boy who works at the recycling center. Everyone at the center knew about Kassim capability and interest to invent gadget out of the recycling materials. Sofea, the manager of the center usually surprise with Kassim’s invention. Unknown to everyone, Kassim actually has its own secret lair and have an intelligent program as his assistant. He finally succeeds to invent electrochemical gloves that able to him to have enormous power, (Powerful enough to lift a sofa with just one hand). At the same time, a ‘green monster’ has terrorized the city even though the authority doesn’t have proved whether it is a fact or just rumor. The team led by Doctor Tini is sent to catch the green monster. Gadget create by Kassim in this episodes are kinetic bulb, alarm communicator and solar three-wheeled bicycle. Super gadget create in this episodes is electrochemical glove

Episode 2 :
Kassim is badly injured after trying to save Dr Tini from the ‘Green Monster’ attacked. Dr Tini, try her best to save her savior. She succeeds but she gains something more, the virus from the green monster has changed Kassim DNA even though the effect is still unknown. At the same time, Dato Johari, father to Dr Tini is very upset when he found out one of the company toxic waste material drum got lost. Nasharudin, his CEO has offers to solve the problem. Meanwhile, Sofea has been kidnapped by the two anonymous who wanted to know the location of her boyfriend. Accidentally, Sofea knew that Bakri is their boss co-worker who wanted to establish a nuclear reactor in Malaysia. The two kidnappers don’t have any choice but to eliminate Sofea. Kassim who has free from Dr Tini laboratory arrive just in time to save Sofea after she had been pushed into the lake. Unknown to other, the lake takes another victim from the lost toxic waste.

Isnin, 23 November 2009

My Starz LG : First elimination round


My Starz LG concert has been held yesterday night. It is the first elimination round and the male group performed first. The panel of jury for the night is Azmeer as the permanent jury and Zainal Abidin as the invited jury for the night. The elimination round is based on vote. Contestant with the least vote will be eliminated.

After the performances, Azmeer has favor Epul performance while Zainal Abidin in favor with Jay performance. Personally, I’m also feels that Jay vocal is the most outstanding for the night.

Azam and Epul are the two contestants with the most votes. Azmeer as the permanent jury announced the elimination. With the least vote, the concert performance is the last concert for Farid.


Ahad, 22 November 2009

My Starz LG – Season 3


The reality shows one of a kind in Malaysia has started again. My Starz LG is a reality show scouting potential stars between ages 18 – 25 to take part in its third season. 10 contestants for the third season.

  1. Nor Lydazura Ab. Aziz (Lyda)
  2. Nor Shahida Jamaluddin (Sha)
  3. Senisah Majilin (Chind)
  4. Raja Farah Afzal (Tom)
  5. Maisarah Ismail (Sarah)

  1. Jaymeral Henry Monis (Jay)
  2. Muhammad Farid Anwar (Farid)
  3. Ahmad Azam Pit (Azam)
  4. Noor Syaiful Md Zalaludin (Epul)
  5. Muhammad Hafidz Kamal (Apiz)

The winner of My Starz LG stands to win RM 100 000 cash, a recording with Warner Music, stylish and innovative LG products and their own popularity in the entertainment industry.

The first elimination concert will start tonight at TV3, 10.30pm.

Sabtu, 21 November 2009

Muzik – Muzik Semi Final 2009 (Round 3)

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The third and final round of Muzik-muzik has been held and all 30 songs have performed. 8 songs performed this night, and save the best for last, most of the songs and artist performed this night are among the top songs and artist for the season, including the previous winner of Anugerah Juara Lagu. The invited artist also the best of the best, Siti Nurhaliza! The results also announced at this night.

8 songs that performed tonight.

  1. Situasi
    Artist : Bunkface
    Composer : Sam
    Lyric : Sam

  2. Rindu Terhenti
    Artist : Tomok
    Composer : Aubrey Suwito
    Lyric : Tinta

  3. Patri
    Artist : Jinbara
    Composer : Anjang
    Lyric : Anjang

  4. Masih Jelas
    Artist : Hafiz
    Composer : Aidit Alfian
    Lyric : Ad Samad

  5. Ketika ini
    Artist : Estranged
    Composer : Estranged
    Lyric : Estranged

  6. Pergi
    Artist : Aizat
    Composer : Pete Teo
    Lyric : Pete Teo

  7. Bercinta
    Artist : Faizal Tahir (Substitute = Shila)
    Composer : Faizal Tahir & Audi Mok
    Lyric : Faizal Tahir & Audi Mok

  8. Cinta Adam dan Hawa
    Artist : Misha Omar
    Composer : Azmeer
    Lyric : Loloq

The panels of Jury for the night are Azlan Abu Hassan, Helen Yap, Mohariz Yaakup, Ahadiat Akashah and Azhar Borhan. Siti Nurhaliza id the invited artist and performed her “Ku Percaya ada cinta” song.

The 14 songs qualify to the 24 th Anugerah Juara Lagu are :-

  1. Hujan - Aku Skandal
  2. Alyah - Tak Mungkin Kerana Sayang
  3. Estranged - Aurora
  4. Akim - Bengang
  5. Black - Aku Rindu Sayang Kamu
  6. Yuna - Dan Sebenarnya
  7. Tomok - Rindu Terhenti
  8. Stacy - Pakai Buang
  9. Aizat - Kau Aku
  10. Aizat - Pergi
  11. Bunkface - Situasi
  12. Faizal Tahir (substitute by Shila) - Bercinta
  13. Misha Omar - Cinta Adam Dan Hawa
  14. Hafiz - Masih Jelas



Aizat, 2 songs in the final








Misha Omar


Shila, substitute for Faizal Tahir


Isnin, 16 November 2009


Assalamualaikum and Peace be upon all of you.
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New drama for TV3 samarinda slot has been aired since last week. The Samarinda slot focused for nobility, aristocratic and corporate themed drama. “Suraya” takes the slot after the end of “Legasi 43 Karat” (in English = 43 carats legacy). It is starred by Zizie Ezette, Fizo Omar, Remy Ishak and Zain Saidin. The drama directed by Murali Abdullah.


Suraya or her real name Tengku Suraya is the only daughter to Tengku Salahuddin and Mei Lee. She is orphaned after her parent dies in a Helicopter crashes. Legally a part with the royal family but relinquished the title because she chooses to be with her foster parent. They reside in the House of Tengku Salahuddin. After Suraya further her study abroad, her foster parents been ousted from the resident by her grandmother, Tengku Kartini. Nevertheless, Suraya knew nothing of this.

After she finishes her study and returns, she eventually knew what has happen with her foster parent. Fueled with her anger and hatred, she sworn wants to take revenge to her relatives. She also wants to search the killer of her parent, as she suspects that her parent is killed by sabotage. Her target would be her father’s best friend, Rashid and her grandmother, Tengku Kartini.

Suraya wants to take her place back at Laksamana Holding (belong to her late father), thus used Azman company as her foundation, her foster brother. With Azman’s company poor performance, she eventually seeks help from Megat, a man that she knew on airplanes. Azman jealousy led him to search the background of Megat and found an interesting fact. With the help of Azman, Suraya find out that Megat were actually the owner of Laksamana Holding, and son of Tengku Latifah and grandson of Tengku Kartini, her own first-cousin.

Suraya basically is a story of royalty, corporate, hatred, and vengeance. How will it unfold? Can Suraya take her place back at Laksamana Holding? Will she has the guts to take revenge on her own family?




Zizie Ezette star as Suraya in the drama. Suraya is the only daughter of Tengku Salahuddin and Mei Lee, a Hong Kong artist. She is beautiful, proud and smart women. But, her anger and hatred has led to an eternal vengeance with her family. All she wants is to bring back her family dignity by any means necessary

Megat Kamil


Fizo Omar plays the role as Megat. Megat is the son of Tengku Latifah. Trap in the world of royalty, he is forced by his mother to engaged with her cousin, Tengku Amanina. He angered with his mother decision, knowing that his mother was also married with a commoner thus the reason of his name, Megat. Megat is a title hold for a son of a royal mother and commoner father. Nevertheless, he has the persona as the royal family and a charismatic and capable young man. Owner of Laksamana Holding.



Remy Ishak plays the role as Azman. Azman is the foster brother of Suraya, and at the same time, falls in love with her. Like Suraya, he was also angered with Tengku Kartini. His parent was ousted from Tengku Salahuddin residence just only because of their status as a commoner. He founded his own company but he usually used the company’s money for his own personal gain, thus, a reason for his company financial problems. A playboy.


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